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Nintendo Reveal Wi-Fi Partnership With AT&T For Nintendo 3DS, More On Netflix

Last month, Nintendo of Europe revealed their Wi-Fi hotspot and video content distribution partnerships with various European service providers and broadcasting networks. This morning, Nintendo of America did the same at the Game Developers Conference.


As far as public Wi-Fi hotspots go, Nintendo of America are collaborating with service provider, AT&T, to set up over 10,000 Nintendo 3DS-compatible Wi-Fi hotspots in the U.S., including in locations such as restaurants, book stores, coffee shops and airports. The 3DS will automatically connect to these HotSpots to download content from them using its SpotPass functionality or for online multiplayer games.


Nintendo also elaborated on a partnership with Netflix to offer the service on the Nintendo 3DS. Starting in summer, Netflix members who have an unlimited plan will be able to stream movies and TV shows to the 3DS. If you already access Netflix via the Wii, you’ll be able to pause a movie on the Wii and continue watching it on the 3DS where you left off.


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