Nintendo Sees Biggest Stock Jump Since 1983 Thanks To Pokémon GO



Pokémon GO began its launch last week and saying that it’s been successful is a bit of an understatement, as the game has helped Nintendo get its best one-day move for the stock since 1983, according to Bloomberg’s David Ingles. [Thanks, Business Insider.]


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The above graphs show us just how much of a boost shares of Nintendo saw in early trading in Tokyo on Monday, where the shares saw a rise as high as 23% after it rose about 10% on Friday. According to Bloomberg, Nintendo shares climbed 34% in the past two trading days after the release of Pokémon GO.


According to The Wall Street Journal, the Pokémon GO hype train has added $9 billion in market value to Nintendo in just a few days.


Stocks aren’t the only thing that has been rising for Pokémon GO, as SimilarWeb gives us a look into how the game has been performing for Android and iOS, and it’s been doing just insanely well. On July 8, two days after the app’s release, Pokémon GO has been installed on 5.16% of all Android devices in the US.



To give you an idea how impressive that is, Pokémon GO already had more installments in the US than Tinder on July 7. The app has also been performing exceptionally well in app engagement with over 60% of those who have downloaded the app using it daily.



The Daily Active Users chart shows that the app is neck and neck with Twitter.



The above chart gives us a look at the usage time of Pokémon GO vs other social media apps, showing that it has bested WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and Messenger.


Pokémon GO is currently available in the US, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. The app is expected to release in the UK, Europe, and other countries within the next coming days.

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