Nintendo’s financial report summary for their third quarter is out now, and it mentions that Nintendo are slashing their Wii hardware sales forecast for their fiscal year to 16 million, down from the previous 17.5 million by March 2011.


The Wii software sales forecast, on the other hand, saw an increase from 138 million units to 170 million units by March 2011. We’ll probably learn more about what led to this increase in the days to come.


Meanwhile, the Nintendo DS (not counting the 3DS) hardware forecast has been reduced by 1 million to 18.5 million units by March. Similar to the situation with the Wii, the DS software sales forecast has increased by 10 million units to 120 million units.


In terms of Nintendo 3DS forecasts, Nintendo hope to sell 4 million units of 3DS hardware and 15 million units of 3DS software by March 31st, 2011. Keep in mind that those numbers will come primarily from Japan, as the 3DS only launches in the U.S. and Europe toward the end of March.


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