Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Event: Hands On Fast RMX



The third in Shin’en Multimedia’s Fast Racing League series, the Nintendo Switch exclusive Fast RMX was on hand, and I was able to give both a single player track and head to head a spin. On face value, it would be easy to dismiss Fast RMX as a Wipeout clone, albeit a very good one. Though there is one key distinguish feature, that being color switching. There are speed boosts in the form of dots that are found on the track, as well as strips that cover a certain portion, and are either orange or blue. If you match your engine’s color accordingly, you’ll get a speed boost, or your craft will slow down. It’s a fun little addition to goes a long way in keeping the player on his or her toes.


Otherwise, the game is gorgeous. The graphics is at a fixed 60 fps, and a full 1080p resolution when playing it on the big screen. When playing the Switch in handheld mode it’s set at 720p. Fast RMX consists of many of the tracks found in Fast Racing Neo which was released on Wii U. In total, Fast RMX has 30 tracks and 15 different crafts. Controls are fully customizable, which is in response to feedback from players. The camera is also pulled in a bit, yet another response to feedback.


I played the game with the Pro controller, which allowed from precise and enjoyable handling and with just the Joy-Con, which wasn’t as much fun. My hands became cramped halfway through the track. It’s worth noting that the Fast RMX was demoed at the event without the strap accessory attached, so perhaps the added bulk might help.

Matt Hawkins