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Nintendo Switch Lite Amended Into Joy-Con Drift Lawsuit


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The Nintendo Switch Lite has been added to the class action lawsuit against Nintendo regarding alleged hardware defects that lead to mass Joy-Con drifting. [Thanks, Polygon!]


Joy-Con drift is an issue many players have faced where the Joy-Cons begin to input directions even when not being moved, and was caused by accelerated wear and tear in the Joy-Cons… but it seems this extends to the Switch Lite as well. People here and there have chimed up saying that drift had appeared very early into the Switch Lite’s life, and what makes the Switch Lite issue worse is that you need to take open the unit itself in order to change out the sticks, unlike the relatively simple Joy-Cons.


Nintendo declined to comment on the lawsuit, only answering that they are aware of some Joy-Cons not working correctly, and to find their support department if you are affected. While there has been some capacity of support for this problem in NA, it’s unknown whether this will extend towards the Switch Lite

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