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Nintendo Switch Online October 2023 Games Include Castlevania Legends

Nintendo announced the October 2023 additions to the Nintendo Switch Online library. The newest titles people can play on the Switch are Castlevania Legends (Game Boy), Devil World (NES) and The Mysterious Murasame Castle (NES).

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Castlevania Legends was a Game Boy title originally conceived as a prequel to the entire Castlevania series before appearing on NIntendo Switch Online. You play as Sonia Belmont battling the first incarnation of Dracula in the series’ classic style. Due to the game now being considered non-canon, it was left out of the Castlevania Collection released a few years ago.

Devil World is notable for being Shigeru Miyamoto’s first console-only game. It’s similar to Pac-Man, only instead of pellets, you’re collecting crucifixes to defeat the devil. Its original NES release was blocked by Nintendo of America due to policies around religious imagery. This makes the Nintendo Switch Online release its debut in North America. The game’s devil character has been seen in the Super Smash Bros series as an Assist Trophy.

The Mysterious Murasame Castle was originally released shortly after The Legend of Zelda in 1986 and shares a lot of similarities. You play as Takamaru, a samurai apprentice who is tasked with taking down four evil lords and an alien entity. While originally a Japan exclusive, this game later saw a worldwide 3DS Virtual Console release. Just like the Devil World antagonist, Takamaru has also appeared an Assist Trophy in the Super Smash Bros series.

While these are the October 2023 releases for the basic Nintendo Switch Online service, Mario Party 3 was also released separately recently for the higher-tier Expansion Pack.

All October 2023 additions are all available now through Nintendo Switch Online.

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