Nintendo shared updated sales figures in the company’s latest financial results from April through June 2017.


Below is a look at the latest hardware and software sales figures for Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, and Wii U:


Nintendo Switch

  • Hardware: 4.70 million units
  • Software: 13.60 million units


Nintendo 3DS

  • Hardware: 67.08 million units
  • Software: 335.10 million units


Wii U

  • Hardware: 13.56 million units
  • Software: 99.97 million units


Keep in mind that the numbers are as of June 30, 2017 so it doesn’t include the recent number of sales from the worldwide release of Splatoon 2. At 4.70 million units sold for the Switch since its launch in March, Nintendo remains on track of its sales forecast of selling 10 million units of the Switch console by March 2018.


To see how they stack against previous generations of Nintendo’s consoles, below is a look at some LTD figures for past handhelds and home consoles:



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