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Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2022 Site Launched

Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2022 Appears

Sony isn’t the only company letting people see what they played in 2022. Hot on the heels of the PlayStation 2022 Wrap-Up is one for another console. People can now see their customized Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2022. Like Sony’s wrap up, Nintendo takes data from your play experience, then offers various stats based on the experience for people to peruse.

To start, people need to visit the Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2022 official site. You must be logged into your account that you use with your Switch to continue. Once you click the “Get Started” button, it then shares data from various categories. Each one can be shared as a screenshot.

The rundown begins with the top three most-played games. After that, it shows three you played at launch. The next criteria goes over three games you’ve played for over three years. This seems to count as long as you check in over that time.

The following Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2022 section lets you see your “favorite” game that year. This can be shown by time or by month. So for example, my “by time” one that showed up first was Xenoblade Chronicles 3, as it was played 21 days, for 53 hours, and was both a most played title and played at launch. However, when going by month, it started in January 2022 with Pokemon Legends: Arceus, which I played for 48 hours over 10 days, was noted as being played at launch, and featured an “intense burst” special designation.

Nintendo Switch Year in Review 2022 Appears

Finally, the summary closes out with a gaming trends pie chart. This shows your avatar in the center, then divides up all of the games you played on the Switch in 2022 by genre.

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