Nintendo are hosting a series of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournaments at various videogame and toy stores in Japan starting March 14th. The interesting part, though, is that these tournaments will consist exclusively of Amiibo fighters. (Via: Eventhubs)


Nintendo president Satoru Iwata recently spoke with investors regarding Amiibo sales in Japan and how they could be better than they presently are. This tournament could be one of many ways Nintendo are attempting to promote Amiibo figurines in their home market.


Meanwhile, over in America, a Fox Amiibo named “Waveshine” made the news last year when it beat a whole bunch of human players and made its way up to the Losers Semi-Finals in a tournament that took place in Richmond, BC. There is a possibility that this inspired Nintendo to hold an Amiibo tournament of their own.


Details of the tournament can be found on Japanese website Game Watch.


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