Nintendo Treehouse Gives The Lowdown On Mario Tennis Aces’ Various Character Types

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Over the past week, Nintendo Treehouse has been putting out new information on Mario Tennis Aces on their Tumblr page, focusing on the different types of character playstyles and new screenshots of every character.


All-Around Characters:

mario tennis aces 2

mario tennis aces 3 mario tennis aces 4

mario tennis aces 5 mario tennis aces 6

mario tennis aces 7 mario tennis aces 8


Mario, Luigi, and Daisy are all-rounded characters, and are recommended for beginners to start with, although this doesn’t mean that they are weak characters. They have decently powerful shots, and move across the tennis court at an average speed.


There are also differences between the all-around characters. For example, Luigi has slightly weaker shots than Mario, but stronger volleys near the net.


Technical Characters:

mario tennis aces 9

mario tennis aces 10 mario tennis aces 11

mario tennis aces 12 mario tennis aces 13


Technical characters have less power in general behind their shots, but boast excellent ball control, such as being able to hit wider angles. Their Zone Shots and Special Shots are also slower, so the idea is to go tricky with their standard shots.


Powerful Characters:

mario tennis aces 14

mario tennis aces 15 mario tennis aces 16

mario tennis aces 17 mario tennis aces 18

mario tennis aces 19


Powerful characters don’t move very quickly, but make up for that with their strong and fast shots. When playing against Wario, Bowser, Donkey Kong, and Chain Chomp, players should aim shots as far away as possible, and if you’re the person playing as them, mastering the Trick Shot is key to surviving against other types of characters.


Defensive Characters:

mario tennis aces 20

mario tennis aces 21 mario tennis aces 22

mario tennis aces 26

mario tennis aces 23 mario tennis aces 24

mario tennis aces 25


Defensive characters Waluigi and Bowser Jr. use their long arms to easily block any shots opponents might send the player’s way. These characters play their best in the middle of the court, where they can easily move in different directions to receive the ball. Conversely, players should use Zone and Special Shots to get them out of the middle area if facing against them.


Speedy Characters:

mario tennis aces 28

mario tennis aces 29 mario tennis aces 30

mario tennis aces 31 mario tennis aces 32


Speedy characters move quickly across the court, and especially so when using  Zone Speed. They are handy when fighting against characters that players aren’t used to facing, and characters who can send their shots in any direction. However, they are lighter in weight, and tend to be more affected by knockbacks from Nice serves or smashes.


Tricky Characters:

mario tennis aces 33

mario tennis aces 34 mario tennis aces 35

mario tennis aces 36 mario tennis aces 37


Tricky characters are excellent at curving their shots, and every one of their shots actually curve a little bit. When using Slices, their characters will curve nearly 90 degrees, and specialize in unpredictability. However, their downside is that their ball speeds are generally lower.


Mario Tennis Aces releases on June 22, 2018 for Nintendo Switch. As we approach the release date, Nintendo will have a pre-launch online tournament where you can experience 1v1 online tournaments before its release. More details will be announced on a later date.

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