Nintendo Warns Consumers About Fake Websites and Scams

Nintendo Fake Website Scam

Nintendo released a statement warning consumers about fake websites and potential scams. The company states that it is aware of a website that is using official Nintendo branding and selling Nintendo products at a discounted price. Nintendo warns that purchasing products through this fake website could potentially be hazardous, as consumers would be giving their personal information to an unauthorized website. The statement does not include a link to the website, but instead links to the official Nintendo webpage. [Thanks, Dengeki!]

Additionally, Nintendo states that if other websites similar to this are found, it will notify the related agencies involved in taking the storefront (or website) down. The statement also links to the Japanese cybercrimes consultation webpage, and the Consumers Affair Agency homepage. It is currently unclear if a large amount of consumers has had their data compromised by purchasing from the fake website.

The company has seen continued success through 2021 with on-going Nintendo Switch sales. In 2021, the Nintendo Switch sold over 5 million units for the second year in a row within its domestic market. This number includes sales of the original Nintendo Switch model, the Nintendo Switch Lite, and the OLED version of the console. In July 2021, total sales for the Nintendo Switch within Japan had surpassed 20 million units.

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