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Nintendo’s New Rhythm Game Will Have A Choice Of 4,000 Songs And YouTube Sharing



    Daigasso! Band Brothers P saw a Nintendo Direct video this morning, and during it, more details about the upcoming music-creation and rhythm game were revealed. The biggest reveal is that the game—which we previously said would have some 2,000 songs—will now ship with around 4,000 of them at launch. You won’t get all 4,000 though—you’ll get to download 100 of those.


    We’ve already previously talked about turning yourself into a Vocaloid (and the accompanying fact the game is “powered by Vocaloid”) and Nintendo announced today that this will let other players check you out. You basically take a shot of yourself, using the 3DS camera, sing a few notes and voila—you’re now a Vocaloid star. Also revealed were some of the different instruments players can make use of to make music with, including guitars and bass.


    You’ll also be able to make your own basic rhythm music track that mimics strumming guitars, bashing buttons a la Pop’n’Music and other such heavy rhythm button smashing titles, or just tapping along with your Nintendo 3DS. You’ll even be able to do a 10-man group session!


    Downloading music will involve tomatoes, main character Barbara’s favorite food. One tomato gets you one song, and you’ll be able to purchase packs of them. In a nice touch, songs which you create and share—and which then get downloaded—as well as songs you recommend to others will net you free tomatoes to use, too. You do need to use them however, as they will eventually “rot away” after about five months and expire.


    Additionally, you can also now upload your songs to Youtube for the cost of a tomato, for aspiring players and creators who want to show off to the world their own creations.


    Band Brothers P will also have a set of radio stations for players to tune in to. Each of these will offer various types of genres and information, such as Newcomer recommendations, a Rocker channel and more.


    Daigasso! Band Brothers P will be out November 14th in Japan on Nintendo 3DS.


    Update: Note that you won’t actually have all 4,000 songs in your game at once. You’ll have 100 songs with more available as DLC. We apologize for any confusion.


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