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Nioh 2 Character Creation Contest’s Winning Submissions Will Be Made As Presets In The Game



With Nioh 2’s Beta Demo releasing this Friday, November 1, Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja are holding a Nioh 2 Character Creation Contest, where winning submissions will appear as presets in the retail version.


The total number of winners is six with three male characters and three female characters. In addition to having the winners’ submissions appear as presets in the full game, the names of the creators will be listed in the ending credits. Team Ninja will judge the entries and select the winners.


Here’s how to submit:


Step 1 – Download the “Nioh 2” Beta Demo from PlayStation™Store.


Step 2 –  Follow the “How to Upload to Twitter” steps listed below then share it on Twitter using the hashtag #Nioh2b_contest.
Note: Entries where the character creation code and character appearance cannot be verified will be disqualified.


Step 3 – Your submission is complete.


Here are instructions on how to upload to Twitter:

1. From your PS4 settings, select “Sharing and Broadcasts”, and then link with Twitter from “Link with Other Services”.

2. While in “Nioh 2” Beta Demo’s Character Creation, select “Additional settings”, and then select “Create/Manage Character Creation Codes”.

3. To upload, choose any slot from the select upload slot screen, and select yes when prompted whether you wish to upload the character creation settings.
Note: After uploading, please be careful to avoid overwriting the code. Overwritten codes will be deemed ineligible for the contest.


4. After the code is displayed, select “SHARE” when you are prompted whether you want to share.

5. After the Share menu is displayed, select the screenshot and press the “Enter” button.

6. Click on the Twitter icon in the Share menu, input the hashtag #Nioh2b_contest in the comment box and then click on Share.


7. The upload is completed.


Check the official website for more on cautionary notes, terms and conditions.


Nioh 2 releases for PlayStation 4 in early 2020. Check our previous report for a look at a boss fight from its TGS 2019 demo which was only cleared by 5% of all players.

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