The Scampuss From Nioh 2 Will Receive an Enormous Plush

Scampuss Plush Nioh 2

A Scampuss plush is currently in production, and it looks roughly 1:1 scale to the curious little demon found in Nioh 2. This loveable piece of merchandise was revealed during the Koei Tecmo Tokyo Game Show 2020 broadcast. No further information was revealed about the production of the plush. This included a lack of release date or if it will be released in regions outside of Japan.

You can take a look at images of the Nioh 2 Scampuss plush below. (We’ve also added a image from the game for size comparison.)

Outside of the announcement of the Scampuss plush, gameplay footage of the new weapon from the Darkness in Capital DLC was shown. This included a demonstration against a wave of enemies and a boss fight. The fist weapons will also allow players to perform kicks, despite the weapons only showing on the player character’s hands.

More information about the upcoming Darkness in Capital DLC will be delivered on an additional broadcast on October 14, 2020. During the upcoming broadcast, the identity of the characters shown in the promotional art for the DLC will be revealed.

Nioh 2 is immediately available on the PlayStation 4 worldwide. Darkness in the Capital, the next Nioh 2 DLC, will appear on October 15, 2020.

Kazuma Hashimoto
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