Nippon Ichi President Says Their New Games For This Year Are For PS4 And Vita Only



In addition to the upcoming release of Disgaea 5, Nippon Ichi president Sohei Niikawa says that fans have more to look forward to with another PlayStation 4 title, and more, as he spoke with 4Gamer about their current lineup of new games.


According to Niikawa, most of the console games they’re working on at the moment are exclusive titles for PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 3 lineup are mainly those that have already been decided to release overseas. That said, their new titles are only for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.


“Once we decide something, we carry it out resolutely,” emphasized Niikawa about his company’s style. “I believe that it’s because nobody is doing it, now is the most valuable time to put efforts into PlayStation 4. Sony have been supporting us, so we’ve been able to make commercials, and have been able to get such merits for sales promotion.”


“If we continued developing on older generation consoles, small companies like us would easily get left behind, technologically speaking,” said Niikawa. “If our premise lies on multi-platforms, we’d have no choice but to continue developing for past-generation consoles, and that’s not a way to step forward; and most of all, as developers, it’s not interesting for us.”


“Challenges are always necessary,” said Niikawa. “At the moment, there are many developers that are just ‘waiting to see,’ but if you look at it from a customer’s standpoint, there aren’t many titles, so it’s quite difficult to move on to new hardware.”


“It basically means that us developers must show some vigor and create this market. While it might be easier said than done, we’re doing it because of our enthusiasm that says ‘let’s be the first ones to do it!’,” concludes Niikawa.

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