Nippon Ichi Software Wrapping Up Its 25th Anniversary With A Finale Event On July 15



Nippon Ichi Software’s actual 25th anniversary is on July 12, but the company will host a special “25th Anniversary Finale Event” a few days later on July 15, and they’ll have some games to show.


The event will will take place on July 15 from 11:00am to 6:00pm JST at Arts Chiyoda 3331. There won’t be any cover charges, and fans will get to join for a talk stage, purchase special goods, and check out the art exhibit.


The talk stage will start with Disgaea featuring several voice actresses in Kaori Mizuhashi, Tomoe Hanba, and Yuko Sasamoto. Talk stage 2 will feature Closed Nightmare as part of a special talk show before the release of the game. The third talk stage will be about Makai Wars, and lastly, the fourth one will be a “Finale Event Ending Stage” where they’ll share the latest on the Disgaea and Yomawari games for smartphone, and Bokuhime Project.


Nippon Ichi Software was founded in July 12, 1993. The company was originally founded as “Prism Kikaku” in September 1991 as the developers of Pieces for Super Nintendo in July 1994. The first NIS title was Jigsaw World for PlayStation in February 1995.

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