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Nippon Ichi’s New Bicycle-Riding Visual Novel Cruises Across Hokkaido



Visual Novel games are often about romance, adventure, and mystery, but Nippon Ichi’s upcoming game, Fuuraiki 3, is all about cycling around northern Japan’s Hokkaido prefecture, and it’s headed to PlayStation Vita in early 2015. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


The protagonist, Chihiro, has an interest in bicycles after being influenced by her older sister; however, during her high school days, she mainly traveled by foot, and the meaning of a true “journey” was completely unknown to her. One day, Chihiro notices a recruitment for journey writers, and decides to study under a publishing company.


After being given a chance by the editor, she will now have a chance to compete and participate in a writing the person she admires most once did.


Fuuraiki 3’s gameplay is split into three parts. The Touring Part features real scenery from all of Hokkaido, where you’ll get to freely travel around and enjoy different views. The Adventure Part is about getting coverage and photographs from over 100 different areas.


The Camping Part lets you use the coverage spots’ information to write manuscripts. With all three parts, your goal as Chihiro will be to explore the many areas of Hokkaido while getting as much coverage possible to enter the contest and take home the grand prize.


Fuuraiki 3 will release on PlayStation Vita in February 19, 2015.

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