nspot.jpgThe Nintendo Spot service is expanding beyond McDonald’s menus in Japan. If you take the Tsukuba Express train line you can get access to eight channels of news and entertainment from the Wi-Fine for DS service. The content ranges from in depth, one minute news segments from Nippon Television, updated weekly on Tuesdays, to the scoop on Akihabara from AK ! BA TV. News briefs from Nippon Television are impressively updated on the hour.


The free service is in trial mode from August 18 until December 28 and it’s only available in Japan. While it’s neat to see the Nintendo DS used as a digital newspaper this kind of service doesn’t seem like it would be popular in the USA outside of New York City, San Francisco, and a handful of other cities with a tightly knit public transportation system. But, Eurail should really look take a look at this and emulate it.


Images courtesy of Nintendo.

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