NIS America on the localization of Disgaea 2

Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories is coming to stores next week. Right before the game’s launch we had a chance to ask a few quick questions to NIS America about the game and the localization. Fans of the series read on for some early details about the game. We’ll have even more on the North American version of Disgaea 2 with a full playtest next week.

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Siliconera: Disgaea 2 isn’t a direct sequel to the series, there are new characters along with some old favorites in a new storyline. Can you tell us about the shift from Laharl to Axel and what gamers can expect from the story in Disgaea 2?

NIS America: One of the primary differences between Laharl and Adell as the main characters is that Laharl drove the story to help himself, whereas Adell drives the story to help everyone else.

I noticed the facoids about the Berserker sword said “Its love for you is like a truck” it sounds like a reference to Kevin Smith’s movie Clerks. What other changes have been made to iron out the humor for the North American release.

The change that sticks out the most in my mind was the way that a ninja character speaks in the game.  In the Japanese version, she ends all of her lines with “Gozaru,” which is a formal word to express politeness.  However, there is no equivalent in English for this sort of gesture, so we substituted a cuter sounding word and tweaked the explanation for why the character always says it.  We also changed a lot of Japanese references to North American references.  For instance, not many people will get references to Kamen Rider, but they will understand references to Power Rangers.

ere there any other changes made to the gameplay or story to make the game more suitable for an audience outside of Japan?

We gave more personality to some of the supporting characters to make them stand out on their own, as well as making them more memorable.


There are a couple of NIS cameos in Disgaea 2, without spoiling everyone who can fans expect to see in Disgaea 2?

Let’s just say that many Overlords from previous NIS titles can be found in one form or another, for those of you who are paying attention.


How many endings are there in Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories?

There are about nine different endings.


One of the cornerstones in the Disgaea series is being able to build the ultimate character. What are some tips you can give to gamers on how to get a max level character quickly?

One of the fastest ways to level up characters is to use the Lift and Throw commands to level up enemies and then capture them in your base panel.  There are also certain secret areas which you can combine with other secret areas to really boost the amount of experience rewards.  But in those cases, you’ll really need to fight for your life.


Still want to hear more about Disgaea 2? Read our import playtest.

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