Nitroplus’ 20th Anniversary Project is Original Smartphone Title Warau, Ars Notoria


Earlier this week, visual novel maker Nitroplus revealed more info on their 20th anniversary project, Warau, Ars Notoria. The project is an original free-to-play smartphone game developed in collaboration with Good Smile Company. [Thanks, PR Times Japan!]

You can check out the teaser trailer above.

The game will be written by Nitroplus, and will feature Nitroplus’ unique fantasy world concepts. S. Otsuka is the main character designer, and Good Smile Company is handling the publishing.

Apart from the teaser trailer, the opening movie of the game has been shared. The opening theme is titled ‘Saving the World Comes After Eating Cake’, and has been composed and written by Vocaloid producer 40mP. Check it out below:


This is a story made up somewhere, sometime, dedicated to somebody.

Having lost most your memories, ‘You’ arrived at a secret school that regular humans would never be able to see.

There, young girls known as ‘Pentagrams’, joyfully study in order to become true ladies.

‘You’ were given a spot as a teacher, and began your busy days of handling the young girls…

But this fanciful garden of Eden was nothing but the prologue to a grand wwar against the men known as the ‘Knights’.


Ars Notoria (CV: Misaki Kuno)

The heroine of the story, who lost her smile due to a certain incident. She’s got a strong sense of smell.

Abramelin (CV: Eriko Matsui)

Abramelin has a rigid personality, but values friendships deeply. She’s a hard worker who’s cool-headed and good at everything.

Le Petit Albert (CV: Miyu Tomita)

A girl who’s usually silent, but sometimes speaks a lot at once. She’s actually pretty kind.

Picatrix (CV: Eri Yukimura)

The self-proclaimed class prefect who’s straight-laced and has a good upbringing.

Mel (CV: Miharu Hanai)

The ever-positive mood maker of the school, who others sometimes say “tries too hard”.

Warau, Ars Notoria will launch for iOS and Android in Spring 2020. You can find the official website and Twitter here.

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