No, Yoshinori Ono Isn’t Working On Capcom vs. SNK 3



Thanks to the Comic-Con website, we know now a little more about Street Fighter IV producer, Yoshinori Ono’s panel at the convention on July 24th.


2:00-1:00 Street Fighter Mania!: SSFIV and Beyond!— Producer Super Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono shares his thoughts on SSFIVand presents his exciting vision for the future of the franchise. Experience why everyone can’t get enough of Street Fighter! Featuring Seth Killian,Street Fighter special advisor. Followed by a Q&A session. Room 25ABC


Ono has also been busy firing off more of those tantalizing tweets of his again. Below are a few of the more recent ones that are sure to get fans talking. But let’s get one thing out of the way first: Ono is not working on an erotic version of Street Fighter IV.


E, ERO !!? That’s too much. RT @Mark_momo: @Yoshi_OnoChin You are gonna reveal Super Street Fighter IV ERO!


Here are the ones you’re no doubt looking for:


Personally, I hope for it. But I don’t have time. Will anyone make it? : D RT @GhostpilotZ: @Yoshi_OnoChin How about a Capcom vs SNK 3?


It is my lifework. I want to achieve it some time. : ) RT @own1e: @Yoshi_OnoChin And a new Darkstalkers?


And finally, Ono throws out more cryptic hints about his upcoming reveal, starting with a mention of a possible trailer:


I was able to prepare Trailer of Comic-con. Don’t miss it on next Saturday !!


You’re in for a treat. RT @LavosBR: @Yoshi_OnoChin I’m confuse, It’s really a fight game? or a adventure game?


I can’t say announcement at EVO. Maybe, I’ll be able to speak new thing at Comic-Con !!


So no announcement at EVO, but maybe a trailer at Comic-Con. And we still have no idea what this could be.

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