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Noble Slapfest Rose and Camellia Will Appear on the Switch

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It’s time for Reiko to dust off her dukes and ready her wrists for some more slapping action, as Playism has announced an upcoming Nintendo Switch port of Rose and Camellia. Not only will there be a new local multiplayer mode, but there will also be three new chapters to play through. There will also be a change to the combat system. [Thanks, DenFami!]

While it will still be turn-based, you will no longer be able to slap around your enemy as much as you want to. You can only slap once, though you can mix in feints. You can either swing your joycon to swipe, or use the touchscreen. Though you will be able to play as four different characters this time, the plot of each route will still focus on the internal power struggles of the aristocratic Tsubakikoji family.

You can watch the trailer for Rose and Camellia on the Nintendo Switch here:

This game originally came out in 2008 as a Flash game for Windows PC browsers, before appearing as a mobile app in 2020.

The story follows Reiko, the widow of the Tsubakikoji family’s eldest son. After his death, she quite literally fights the other members of the family for the inheritance. Her story is the “Legendary Rose Bride” chapter. The Switch version will also have new stories “The White Camellia of Vengeance,” “World Youth,” and “A Quiet Camellia’s Daily Life.” Aside from new characters appearing as opponents, you will also be able to play as other members of the Tsubakikoji family, such as Saori.

Rose and Camellia is in development for the Nintendo Switch. It is readily available for mobile devices. There is no news on a localization yet.

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