Noel The Mortal Fate Is A Battle Of Revenge After Losing Your Arms & Legs



Noel, a former pianist with dreams of being the greatest, finds her hopes dashed after a meeting with the evil Mayor Burrows. Now, with no arms or legs, she only thirsts for revenge against Burrows, and will get it with some help from the player and a Devil in Noel The Mortal Fate.


Noel the Mortal Fate carries the player over seven chapters of vengeful plots and new foes, steadily working their way to Burrows, a man beloved by the people for bringing peace and getting rid of the mafia. Over time, players will discover deals with devils, become marked as terrorists, work with bombers, and face foes with mysterious, deadly powers, all despite Noel’s new mobility challenges.

Players will join Noel on every step of her revenge plot and the twisting narrative that follows it, steadily working their way back to the memorial concert – the place they lost the piano competition in the beginning – facing down a former ally with their demonic help.


Seasons one through seven of Noel The Mortal Fate are available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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