Noir Horror Game White Night Creeps To PS4 On March 3rd

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OSome Studio has announced that its noir-inspired survival horror game White Night will be released on March 3rd for PlayStation 4. It seems that this same date applies to the PC and Xbox One versions of the game, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.


As Siliconera has revealed before, White Night is an homage to the original Alone in the Dark and, as such, is closer to old school iterations of the genre in its sentiments. It’s stark, completely black-and-white, taking as much from film noir as it does from video games.


It takes place inside a creepy family mansion in Boston during the 1930s. Darkness is your biggest threat as it consumes you if you linger around it for too long. So the puzzles and tension is found in trying to seek out sources of light just to survive.



OSome Studio has said that it drew from the jazz, hardboiled literature, and cinema of the era to focus on “mature storytelling, strong characters, compelling environments, and equal respect for tension and terror.”


You can watch the new trailer for White Night released alongside the trailer above. Find more information about the game on its website.

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