Noita Is A Magical Roguelite Where The World Reacts Realistically To Your Spells


Roguelite Noita grants spellcasters a great deal of power, as the world will react realistically to the magic they are hurling around. Able to set terrain on fire, melt ice to create water that drowns foes, or superheat rock into magma, it grants players a great deal of options in a world where death is permanent.


The procedurally-generated adventure offers what the developers call “pixel-based physics”, where every pixel is simulated and is designed to react to what the player is doing. This gives the player the freedom to set fires and watch them naturally move about, or melt huge swaths of ice to create freezing lakes, as the environments are able to react to the actions the player takes.

Players will also be able to craft their own spells in Noita, allowing for customization in the properties and behaviors of given magical styles. This will allow players to create crushing gravity spells that will tear apart the ground around them, water spells that can freeze lava for safe passage, and several other types of magic that can drastically change or weaponize the environments around them.


Noita is currently in development with no set release date.

Alistair Wong
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