Nomura Reassures Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Development Is Fine, More To Be Shared After KHIII

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Tetsuya Nomura spoke with Famitsu during the Dissidia Final Fantasy third anniversary event that took place last weekend, and he wanted to take the opportunity to clarify some misunderstandings on Final Fantasy VII Remake’s development.


To conclude the interview at the Dissidia Final Fantasy third anniversary event, Famitsu asked if Nomura had anything he wanted to share.


Tetsuya Nomura: “There’s been some misinformation regarding Final Fantasy VII Remake in some parts of the Internet so I wanted to touch up on that a little.”


Famitsu asked if it came from Nomura’s recent comments about focusing on Final Fantasy VII Remake after Kingdom Hearts III, which led to some news stating “Final Fantasy VII Remake’s development has just begun, or hasn’t advanced.”


Tetsuya Nomura: “Yes. That is not official. As I said during E3, development is going favorably. I just wanted to say that the current PR priority is Kingdom Hearts III, as it was during the ARTNIA event the other day, but after that it’ll be Final Fantasy VII Remake, so please don’t worry. It has nothing to do with Dissidia Final Fantasy, but this is just about the only opportunity I can get to speak to you all directly, so I thought I’d take up a little bit of your time… I really pushed for it. [laughs]”


Lastly, Famitsu asked the developers to share their goals heading into the fourth anniversary of Dissidia Final Fantasy.


Tetsuya Nomura: “If there is a fourth anniversary, I just pray that doesn’t mean having to suffer through more busy times. [laughs wryly]”


Takeo Kujiraoka, Director: “I… Ahh, a vacation would be nice!”


Final Fantasy VII Remake is in development for PlayStation 4.

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