Nongunz Is A Gun-Toting Roguelike About Forming An Undead Band

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Nongunz is a sidescrolling roguelike where players use an array of varied firearms to blast their way through a black, white, and red underworld, but as they do so, a band of lost souls, cultists, and other monstrosities will form for you to put on your own metal show in a bleak graveyard.


Nongunz promises sidescrolling shooting through stark black, white, and red halls filled with detailed dead beasts. Players have access to an array of explosives, guns, bows, and other tools they can use to crush the undead before them, gaining points for these kills should they be able to keep up combos or kill in challenging ways.


These points will have a use, as they’ll help the player gain new tools and push progress forward on the idle game of growing thier graveyard population. As players delve deeper into the generated labyrinths of Nongunz, they’ll find new gravediggers, cultists, and other frightening, but friendly, creatures coming to their graveyard, opening up useful shops or forming a part of the player’s metal band. 


Nongunz’s bloody halls of undead features a nebulous story, offering little direct explanation for what’s going on but offering players small tidbits and hints in the environments and monsters that point to a detailed, but hidden, storyline.


Nongunz is available now on Steam.

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