Nonoka Is Stella Glow’s Most Useful Character

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There are a lot of party members you’re going to love in Stella Glow. As mentioned before, the various witches are all quite useful throughout the game. Rusty is an amazing party member and one of the few early game humans who will continue to prove his worth as time passes. Alto also performs quite admirably, as any hero should. There’s one person who stands out among the others as someone every player should use, however, and that’s Nonoka the ninja.


Nonoka joins the party alongside Sakuya, the Fire Witch. You’ll get her fairly early in the game, and initially she might seem like an improved version of Rusty. That isn’t inaccurate, but while Rusty ends up being great for stealing, backstabbing, and taking out groups, Nonoka is an infiltration expert and is absolutely amazing when handling bosses. This may be difficult to believe, considering she doesn’t seem all that strong when the AI has her deal damage in the scripted battles, but she becomes quite the force after joining a player’s army.


It’s all because of Nonoka’s loadout of skills and abilities in Stella Glow, combined with her agility and movement range. She’s the most agile character in the party and both she and Rusty can cover the most ground in a single turn with a move rate of 6 and jump height of 5. If she’s in range of an enemy, the go-to move should be Shinobi Slash, which deals a good amount of non-elemental, physical damage and adds Stealth to Nonoka for one turn. The next turn, using Killing Strike is a great option. It’s only available in Stealth mode and might instakill an opponent. If it’s a boss, then using Beesting, which paralyzes and inflicts damage, or Mind Devour, which inflicts damage and adds sleep and defense down effects, are awesome.



All of those status effect attacks are what make Nonoka so amazing. The last two passive abilities she gains are Status Ailment+, which increases the success of inflicting a status effect, and Control Condition, which increases Status Ailment+ Activation. It will almost guarantee she’ll infect an enemy with every attack. I also recommend giving her venom and chase orbs. She doesn’t have a skill that poisons early on, and the chase orb further increases the odds of making sure an enemy has a terrible day. Most enemies don’t have immunity to status effects, and that includes bosses, so she’s never not useful.


As I mentioned earlier, Nonoka is a boss killer. With her movement range, speed, increased odds at dealing status effects and ability to activate a stealth mode after Shinobi Slash, you’re going to want to immediately send her after the strongest opponent on the map to neutralize it. There’s only one exception to that rule, and that’s if Dorothy is in play. See, Dorothy is one of the most annoying enemies. One of her passive abilities increases her attack when her health gets low, and she has a Guts effect that allows her to survive a fatal attack with 1 hit point. With an ordinary character, Dorothy may get a chance to cause more trouble. Nonoka, however, has a Caltrops passive attack that deals 10 damage to all enemies around her once her turn ends. You can have her deal the near fatal attack on Dorothy, see Guts trigger to keep her alive, then watch the Caltrops make her retreat on that turn.


Players have 15 characters to choose from in Stella Glow. Trust me when I say you’ll want Nonoka to be one of them.


Stella Glow comes to the Nintendo 3DS on November 17.

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