Noragami Manga to End in Late 2023

noragami manga end

The Noragami manga run will end at Volume 27, which will appear in bookstores in Japan in 2023. Currently, the manga is still running in Monthly Shonen Magazine. However, the manga will likely end its serialization some time within the year as well if the last volume will be at the end of it. [Thanks, Manga Mogura RE!]

Noragami started in late 2010, around thirteen years ago now. Bones (of My Hero Academia fame) adapted it for TV in 2014, and it ran for 12 episodes (with 2 OVAs). A sequel, Noragami: Aragoto, ran in late 2015. Around when the first season came out, the Noragami manga was exceedingly popular in Japan. It was the fourteenth best-selling manga in 2014, placing between Terra Formars and Bleach.

It follows the story of Hiyori Iki, who is a middle school girl who gets the ability to slip her soul out of her body following a traffic accident. This allows her to see the Near Shore (our world) and the Far Shore (where phantoms and souls reside). She also meets the nameless god Yato as a result of this power. In order to make a name for himself, Yato takes on any request for only 5 yen. Along with his sword Yukine, the three of them go on adventures, as well as deal with their respective pasts and traumas.

Noragami is available for streaming on Crunchyroll, and Kodansha is in charge of the English release. The final volume of Noragami, Volume 27, will appear in bookstores at the end of 2023 in Japan.

Stephanie Liu
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