Nostalgia Mixes Visual Novels And RPGs In A Cyberpunk World

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Nostalgia looks to bring RPG-like combat and escape room puzzles to visual novels, all while set in a cyberpunk world where one character lives  in two separate dimensions.




In development for Wii U and PC/Mac, Nostaligia is about Alice, a woman who was experimented on as a child along with 15 other kids. The experiment, designed to get them to make contact with alter-egos in other worlds, failed, and all of the children were released. 




Players will control Alice across two separate worlds – one where she is a chemical engineering student, and the other where she is a bounty hunter. The developer promises a twisting story with difficult decisions that will push players to multiple playthroughs.



Nostalgia will also feature periodical RPG-style battles where your level is dependent on the decisions you have made until that point. In addition to that, the developers have added escape rooms, inspired by Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, that will test the player’s puzzle-solving skills.

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