Nostalgic Arcade Game-Focused Manga Series Hi Score Girl Gets Anime Second Season


high score girl 1


The manga series about nostalgic arcade games, Hi Score Girl, is getting a another anime season. The news was announced by Square Enix this week, and Hi Score Girl II is set to air in October this year.


The anime is once again being handled by J.C. Staff, and features the returning voice cast from the first season. For those unfamiliar with the series, Hi Score Girl is a rom-com that revolves around avid gamer Haruo Yaguchi and his relationship with mysterious girl Akira Oono, who he meets at a coin-op arcade. The manga is known for its accurate depictions of the source arcade games and ‘90s video games in general, and the series got an anime that aired last year from July to September 2018.


Here’s the visual released for season 2:

hi score girl 2


Finally, here’s a subtitled trailer below:


Hi Score Girl II will air in Japan in October 2019.

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