A Nun, A Viking, And A Discoman Walk Into An RPG…



Wimbus Studios certainly knows how to make an RPG sound like the beginning of a joke. Its game The Island of Eternal Struggle stars a nun, a viking, and a discoman as three members of the heroic party. Oh, and they’re fighting bears on rollerblades and turkeys in coats, for some reason.


Yes, The Island of Eternal Struggle is certainly a bit barmy. It’s a turn-based RPG built with the 16-bit classics in mind. It also has a customizable class-based system, with each character having their own set of six job types, so that they have access to a wide variety of skills while in combat.


That’s all pretty standard stuff – it’s the game’s personality that goes off the rails. The story follows Ian, who is presumably the guy without a face (for some reason?), who is apparently the first person to escape a deadlocked war between good and evil.


Ian then sets off an adventure with a band of strangers, including a cyborg with flashing neon lights, to change the world forever. Yes, we’ve all heard that before. But get this: you’ll be fighting in raves, on bird-infested cliffsides, and I already told you that the enemies are, well, bizarre.


Just in case you haven’t been weirded out or amused by The Island of Eternal Struggle enough by this point, go and watch the trailer above, that will certainly fix that. The game will be coming to multiple platforms that are yet to be announced in 2015.

Chris Priestman