Nyu Media’s Slate Of Doujin Games Has Fighters, Shooters And Beat-em-ups


    Doujin game publisher Nyu Media have announced their upcoming slate of games, which will begin releasing this winter through spring 2014. Below is a list of what you can expect to see.


    Yatagarasu: Attack on Cataclysm:

    Slated for release in early 2014, with new characters and features, as well as in-game commentary during fights by James Chen, UltraDavid, & Maximilian.


    Croixleur: Steam Edition:

    New story, weapons, challenge mode, cutscenes and voiceovers in Steam Edition.



    Gigantic Army:

    A “Love letter” to Assault Suits Valken/Cybernator. Trailer above.



    Supercharged Robot Vulkaiser:

    A throwback to ‘70s mecha anime shows. Japanese trailer above.



    Armed Seven:

    2D side-scrolling shooter with 12 weapons, five stages and four difficulty levels.


    Below is a quick infographic of all the above mentioned games. Click on it to enlarge.


    Ishaan Sahdev
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