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Off-TV Play In Xenoblade Chronicles X Was Requested Mainly By Western Fans


    Last week, Monolith Soft and Nintendo streamed a presentation containing information on Xenoblade Chronicles X, their upcoming Wii U RPG. During the presentation, Monolith shared a look at various aspects of the game, including:



    During the exploration segment, Monolith showed off how the game will utilize the Wii U GamePad by displaying area information and certain convenient applications on the screen. In addition to this, as we’ve reported in the past, the game also supports Off-TV Play via the GamePad, and director Koh Kojima touched upon this on Twitter.


    In a series of tweets made today, Kojima stated that Off-TV Play is a feature that was requested mainly by Western fans, which is interesting to know.


    At first, Kojima says, he was uncertain whether or not the Off-TV Play feature would work as intended, just due to the sheer amount of information displayed on the screen during battles, but ultimately it turned out okay so the feature was implemented.


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