Official Sega Contact Page Promoted in Japan

Sega contact

People now have an official way to make their thoughts known to Sega, at least in Japan. The company put out an official tweet encouraging customers and fans to peruse its official Sega contact channels and let their voices be heard. Fans can also send letters with the “セガへのお手紙” (“Letter to Sega”) subject line.

Check out the tweet below. It should be noted that Sega’s contact channels have existed since before this message. Perhaps the company is using Twitter to remind users where else they can get in touch, in light of the uncertain situation of Twitter at present.

The message encouraged folks to send their opinions, questions, and messages of support to Sega contact channels. The accompanying image in blue showed a list of the most frequently asked questions received.

These are:

  • Questions about Smartphone and cellphone content (including games).
  • Question about console and PC games.
  • Questions about arcade games.
  • Questions Sega Prize merch and items from the Sega Lucky Lottery promotions.
  • Questions about the Sega ID.

The actual Sega contact page itself promotes Sega’s official account on the LINE messaging service. Inquiries directed to the Sega Group of companies have their own distinct channels, as well. The page lists guidelines for those interested in sending a message to Sega:

  • Sega might not be able to answer every inquiry.
  • The company does not accept product ideas and proposals through the Sega contact channels.
  • Inquiries are processed in the order received, so this may result in delays due to congestion at the reply center.
  • Inquiries from overseas via phone or email will not be accepted.
  • Inquiries must be in Japanese.
  • Support is limited to Japanese products or those intended for domestic Japanese use.
  • Opinions and impressions directed to specific product teams should be sent to Sega first, where they will be forwarded to their dedicated contact points.
  • The privacy policies should be reviewed before inquiring.
  • Questions about the Tokyo Joypolis center should be sent to a specific page.
  • Inquiries about Sega stores and GiGO arcades also have a separate page.
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