Officially Licensed Tetris Mini Will Release in Japan on October 8, 2020

Tetris mini

Gametech announced a keychain-style portable game console called the Tetris Mini, set to release in Japan on October 8, 2020. It will come in six different color variations of Clear Black, Gray, Clear Pink, Clear, Clear Blue, and Yellow. The price is 1,500 yen plus tax and will be available to purchase at electronics retailers, game shops, and online stores.

Tetris Mini by Gametech

The Tetris Company officially licenses the keychain game system. The device itself measures 43mm (w) x 15 mm (d) x 60 mm (H). The LCD screen measures  28 mm (W) x 37 mm (H).

Since it’s also a keychain, you can latch it onto whatever you want. However, charging requires a micro USB (not included with the device). It comes with three play modes. “Marathon Mode” is the first, which allows you to play until the score reaches 99990. The next one is “20 Line Mode,” which makes you delete 20 lines to clear. Lastly, in “Ultra Mode,” the goal is to try erasing as many lines as possible within two minutes.

Check out the six color variations below:

Tetris Mini will release in Japan on October 8, 2020. Those interested in pre-ordering can do so at the official Gametech shop and other online retailers in Japan.

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