Oh, Crap. The Little Battler Wars Is A REAL-TIME Strategy Game On The 3DS

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All screenshots prior to this amazingly cool video from Level-5 seemed to suggest the Little Battler Wars game would be a turn-based strategy-RPG, but it’s not. It’s in real-time! Players have to task their LBXes with heading to the enemy or engaging foes, and when they meet up they’ll swing the camera on the upper screen up close.


At the same time you’re still free to command troops to move around and flank foes or join in for a grand melee battle. So don’t get too caught up staring at the fighting going on above, there’s other foes moving in for the kill too.


The video shows off some of the things we have touched on before such as the transformation scenes, and also shows the various countries you’ll go up against with your own customizable avatar. There will be some 150 (!) characters to recruit.


The Little Battler Wars will be out for the Nintendo 3DS October 31st.

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