Nintendo 3DS

Oh, Crap! The Little Battlers Wars Is A Mix Of RTS And Third-Person Combat




Continuing on from Oh, Crap Part 1 comes this latest promotional video for The Little Battler Wars. We had confirmation last month that yes, the game will be an RTS for the Nintendo 3DS but that didn’t really explain those cool close-up fight shots we were seeing. The above video gives us more.


It turns out, while you can let your robots auto-battle it out while ordering multiple units around, you can also hit the “Vs!” sign when they’re locked together to trigger a third-person action section. Players control one of their mechs while the other two (or possibly more) are AI-controlled in a mini battle arena against the foes you’re fighting.


This mode looks like it will have far-reaching implications of being able to quickly and decisively wipe out the enemy team by yourself instead of having to use the RTS route, and it seems to suggest that when facing off the massive boss robots will be the enforced way to go. Don’t look so glum, though; as when you’re in third-person mode you’ll be able to freely control the Battler and even unleash special moves (which look like they’re mapped both to the touch pad and to the four face buttons).


There’s also a tension gauge which looks like a necessity to whipping out the big guns such as that special mega-Battler frame about halfway through the video.


Finally, if you pay close attention to the opening few seconds of the video, you’ll notice the map looks spread out over dozens of nodes—each corresponding to a color controlled by one of the fighting factions/nations. A Risk-style board game as well? Looking very possible! Right after that is a quick explanation on elemental weaknesses, always something fans of deeper implications and min-maxing damage will enjoy.


The Little Battler Wars will be out October 31st for the Nintendo 3DS.