O~hohoho! Shantotto Gets A Dissidia Final Fantasy Gameplay Trailer



    Square Enix recently shared a new trailer for their upcoming arcade action title Dissidia Final Fantasy with a look at Shantotto from Final Fantasy XI.


    In Dissidia Final Fantasy, Shantotto attacks using a variety of powerful magic attacks. She’s a “Shoot” type character that can use her own HP to go into an “enraged” state to launch multiple magic attacks.


    Her EX-Skill called “Colossal Shantotto” makes her into a giant Shantotto that allows her to hit Brave Attacks with massive range.


    The above video gives us a closer look at some of her moves, which consist of various Ancient Magicks from Final Fantasy XI.


    Here are the other character trailers shown thus far:


    Dissidia Final Fantasy launches in Japan for arcade on November 26, 2015. We’ll have a look at the latest video and more details on Vaan later this morning.

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