Okami Nendoroid Amaterasu is an Adorable Little Sun Doggo


Fans of Okami, Japanese mythology, or just cute dog appreciators, rejoice! GoodSmile Company has unveiled its Nendoroid Amaterasu figurine. First teased way back in the Before Times of February 2019, the figure is now available for pre-purchase online via GoodSmile’s website and selected retailers.

The Nendoroid Amaterasu, of course, is based on Amaterasu, the lupine protagonist of the classic Clover-developed action-adventure Okami. Amaterasu is an incarnation of the sun goddess of Japanese myth. In Okami, Amaterasu returns to the land of Nippon to excise the returning curse of Orochi, an eight-headed demonic serpent. She uses various divine weapons and the techniques of the Celestial Brush to fell enemies and exorcise evil.

The figurine was developed by Max Factory in collaboration with Kenichiro Yoshimura, designer of Amaterasu. In keeping with Nendoroid’s super-deformed style, Nendoroid Amaterasu appears as a more puppy-like wolf, actually making her resemble her canonical son, Chibiterasu (star of Okamiden, a Nintendo DS-based successor to Okami).

The Nendoroid Amaterasu comes with Amaterasu herself, a little green orb containing Issun, her traveling companion, and the Divine Retribution Reflector weapon, a large flaming disc based on a Shinto mirror. The “DX” edition includes extra accessories, such as Tsumugari, a Glaive-type weapon, and the Devout Beads, a Rosary type. Completing the set is an Oddly Shaped Turnip. Both versions come with extra limbs for posing and an extra face to show Ammy bearing her teeth. Pre-orders via the GoodSmile online store also throw in an Orb of Praise, the currency used to upgrade Amaterasu’s abilities. Finally, a tangible representation of what happens when you call a good doggy a good doggy.

GoodSmile Company’s Nendoroid Amaterasu is available for pre-order now at JPY 5,500 for the standard edition and JPY 7,700 for the DX. It is expected to ship in November 2020.

Josh Tolentino
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