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OK, This Clearly Isn’t A Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land Marriage Candidate



It wouldn’t be a Harvest Moon game without themed festivities, and during these, you’ll be competing with other villagers of Oak Town in Harvest Moon: Connect to a new Land. Here’s an introduction to some of the villagers that will be judging these events.


Matsuba (Crops Festival judge)


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Since Matsuba lives quietly in the countryside, he’s a bit different from the others in town. He’s quite the talented veggie sommelier, and he can tell the freshness, location, and the person that grew the crop just by examining the vegetable.


Saffron (Cooking Festival judge)



After spending time researching ways to make delicious food for her busy husband, Saffron had become famous before she knew it. She even wrote a book called ‘Saffron’s Food I’d Like to Make,’ which became a best-seller in the world of Harvest Moon: Connect to a new Land.


Wantatan (Animal Festival judge)



Okay, when it comes to being different, this guy probably beats Matsuba by a country mile. In addition to being a mascot character loved by everyone, nobody really knows if he’s actually an animal or a guy inside a suit. He also finishes all his sentences with “woof”.


Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land is slated for release on February 27, 2014 for Nintendo 3DS in Japan.

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