Old School-Style Turn-Based RPG UnderRail Leaves Early Access On December 21st


Stygian Software has announced that its old school-style turn-based RPG UnderRail will be leaving Steam Early Access and will launch on December 21st.


UnderRail has been in Early Access since September 2013 but has been in development for over three years. Since then, it has managed to maintain a “Very Positive” rating on Steam out of nearly 350 user reviews.


Given that this is an isometric RPG set in a future in which the Earth’s surface has been ravaged, a comparison to the early Fallout games wouldn’t be amiss here. However, one of UnderRail’s departures is that it never goes to the Earth’s surfaces, confining you to a vast system of metro station-states.


You create your character and head out into this underground world where you’ll get heavily caught up in the wars between the various factions down there.


Of all its features, the ones that UnderRail focuses on are exploration, tactical turn-based combat (with weapons, energy shields, grenades, psi abilities, and more), and an elaborate item crafting system.

Chris Priestman