The Omega Force Teaser Is Starting To Look A Lot More Like A Berserk Musou



Omega Force teased earlier this week that they’re working on the “most brutal title” in Musou (or Warriors) history, and the teaser site has updated, making us think that it could possibly be a Berserk Musou. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


The main change is that the “ω” in the ω-Force logo is now bleeding on the teaser site. While this might not scream out Berserk, it’s worth noting that the black and red image color is something that’s also being used on the official website for the upcoming Berserk anime that is scheduled to begin airing in July.



The bleeding ω also looks a lot like what’s shown in the above image with the Brand of Sacrifice that is carved into Guts from Berserk.


In any case, we have three more days until the teaser site makes its official reveal.

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