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Omega Labyrinth Busts Out Teaser Images For Two New Characters



Omega Labyrinth protagonist Aina will go on a journey to get her chest size increased, but it looks like she’ll also face some rivals along the way. Dengeki’s teaser for this week’s magazine issue shows a bit on two new characters and a new feature.


01_cs1w1_353x600 02_cs1w1_424x600

Since Dengeki wants you to buy their magazines, they’ll just let you get a look at the breasts of the new characters for now. They say that Aina will unconsciously be jealous of these two characters for some reason, so it looks like their introduction will thicken the plot a little.



burapan_02_cs1w1_720x Rescue_saeri_01_cs1w1_720x

While taking on dungeons, there will be “Rescue the Captured” events that occur. These can happen just about anywhere. For example, you might find some panties on the dungeon floor, which wouldn’t be that strange, considering how you find food there. However, they may occasionally be traps…


Omega Labyrinth is slated for release in Japan on November 29, 2015 for PlayStation Vita.

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