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Omega Labyrinth Life Details Gameplay And Changes From The Last Game


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Omega Labyrinth Life’s producer Yosuke Uchida appeared on a Famitsu livestream today to show off gameplay and talk about what has changed from last time around in Omega Labyrinth Z.


Here are the highlights:

  • The name Life comes from the new feature of enjoying life at a private girl’s academy.


  • The game itself is on the easier side for the roguelike genre, as it’s aimed towards a more casual audience. The game will clearly explain all its mechanics towards the start so even players unfamiliar with the genre can easily play.


  • Using the right stick, you can move a virtual hand around the girl’s image on the status screen and poke them for various reactions, as usual for the series. You can do the same thing with the touchscreen in Handheld mode.


  • One of the new things that can appear in the randomly-generated dungeons are Flower Garden rooms, which are full of flower seeds that aren’t useful in dungeon crawling, but can be used back at the academy.


  • At the end of a dungeon, if you have a Rock, Paper, Scissors ticket, you can try win for extra experience and items. Of course, like with everything in this game, Rock, Paper, Scissors is done with boobs. You don’t have to win, as a draw will give you a reduced beneficial effect.


  • Moving on to gameplay at the girl’s academy, here you can talk to various characters and look around your surroundings. Time passes in the academy, which can be checked with the clock on the top left, and you can see the academy at different times of the day.


  • One of the big activities you can partake in at the academy is taking care of the flowers, by watering them and more. You can use different types of water that may make them grow faster, but those will cost more points. You’ll also need to pull weeds. By taking care of the flowers, you’ll be able to harvest nectar from them everyday, which can be used in special events.


Here’s the full gameplay video below (starts at the 11:35 mark):


Omega Labyrinth Life releases for Nintendo Switch in 2019.

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