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Omega Labyrinth Z Busts Out Its First Trailer Featuring Characters And Gameplay



D3 Publisher shared the first trailer for Omega Labyrinth Z, their upcoming roguelike sequel to the 2015 PS Vita title. The video gives us an overview with a look at its characters and gameplay systems.


Aina Akemiya, the protagonist from the previous game makes a return, but she’ll be there as a party member this time. The new protagonist is named Rio Akanezaki, and joining them will be Nako Mito and Saeri Soja.


The base gameplay is mostly the same from the first Omega Labyrinth, but in Omega Labyrinth Z there are various upgrades. For example, the “Purse” feature is a new quality-of-life upgrade that makes item management much easier, by allowing you to store a certain number of items. This is useful when finding a lot of items in dungeons or to pack extra items before heading into one.


There’s also a new “licking” system for powering up characters, and you can read about that in more detail in our earlier report.


Omega Labyrinth Z releases in Japan on July 6, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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