One Dog Story’s Canine Hero Will Dig Up Bones, Blast Enemies With Shotguns

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After an experiment changes his body and gives him great intelligence, the canine hero of One Dog Story is no longer content to just be a good boy – he wants answers as to what happened to him, and will shoot anything in his way to get them.


Players control the floppy-eared, gun toting animal through a sprawling underground complex on his search for his missing memories. He’ll meet several other sentient animals on his journey, able to slowly piece together what happened to him.


As the dog wanders, he’ll face resistance from monsters and big boss machines. These might cause another dog trouble, but this pup has access to a large arsenal of varied weaponry. Triple shots of flame, bursts of shotgun fire, freezing ice blasts, walking mines, and more can be used on the weird creatures that now control the lab and underworld. The dog also has access to a rad skateboard should he need to get around in a hurry.




One Dog Story offers many different paths through its underground world, with many secret items and hidden places lying behind puzzles or in out-of-the-way spots (or just in an enticing pile of dirt the dog can dig in!). Players can affect the ending they receive depending on what they find and who they come across, so they’re encouraged to really look around and help this poor dog find the information he seeks.


One Dog Story is available now on Steam.

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