One-Man Developer Of Final Fantasy XV-Inspired Lost Soul Aside Contacted By Sony And Epic



In an earlier post, we mentioned how Final Fantasy XV inspired one man, a Chinese indie developer by the name of Yang Bing, to singlehandedly create his own videogame called Lost Soul Aside.


Yang Bing recently took to Facebook to thank everyone who had expressed enthusiasm and support for his project and even addressed the suggestions for a Kickstarter.


“People are recommending me to do a Kickstarter. Thank you guys. When the plan is ok, then I may turn to that. Kickstarter means too much responsibility for me now, and I’m afraid I can’t bear that at the time.”


Additionally, all the buzz about Lost Soul Aside seems to have attracted the attention of some big names in the industry, including Sony and Epic Games. Yang Bing had the following to say:


“And there are some good news, that I got contacted by Sony and Epic Games. I don’t know if I can get their help. but this really gives me more confidence to finish Lost Soul Aside.”


To see the full messages left by Yang Bing, you can visit his Facebook page.