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One Of The Ways You Can Acquire More Dream Eaters In Kingdom Hearts 3D

0 have another update on Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance this week. This time, we learn a little more about how you go about acquiring more Dream Eaters.


You already know that Dream Eaters come in two varieties: Nightmare and Spirit. Spirit types are the ones you can use as partners in battle, and you can also breed new Dream Eaters by acquiring all the necessary ingredients required to create them. One of the ways of doing this is through Link Portals.


Link Portals are scattered throughout the map. Touching them on the touch screen will activate them and take you either to a Friend Portal or Battle Portal. In Battle Portals, you battle against Dream Eaters, and defeating them gives you the ingredients to create them for yourself. Friend Portals temporarily ally you with a Dream Eater.


Dream Eaters can grow in ability as well, as we’ve reported previously. Petting them with your stylus builds up Link Points, as does playing with them using toys. We aren’t entirely certain whether this is specifically an augmented reality feature or not, but the screenshot above does show the Dream Eaters gaining experience in an AR setting.


New battle system aside, Dream Eaters look to be the major new feature in Kingdom Hearts 3D. Another Dream Eater function we’ve reported on before is the ability to have multiplayer Dream Eater battles with your friends via local wireless.

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