There Is But One Path To Gathering Dragons In This Novel RPG

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Gather of Dragons has something going for it that not even rivals like Divine Gate can compete with—novelty. The smartphone game for both iOS and Android combines the allure of that rare gaming genre called “pipe connecting” with RPG elements and serious thinking moments.


Pipe connection games task players with swapping tiles representing different pipe-types (Think Tetris blocks that you’re only allowed to swap around as an unchangeable tile) and connecting start to finish before either time runs out, or the indicator moving along the path falls or is blocked off.


In Gather of Dragons, that pipe is an overworld map where players have to go from start to finish, defeating all the monsters and preferably picking up all the spare loot along the way. Each map is randomized, with each tile representing a pathway which can be straight, curves the character and so forth. Players then have to quickly swap tiles around to form a connected path for the adventurer to get from where they are to the next beast to slay.


The twist is that players only get one shot at moving their plucky adventurer right – the ground tumbles away as players walk past successfully parsed paths. So careful puzzle-like thinking is required before simply dashing forth.


Fighting looks to be an automatic affair, and players can customize their characters with weapons and armor that can be further augmented with craftable components. You’ll also be able to bring allies along to fight alongside you.


Gather of Dragons is out now for both iOS and Android. You can get them here.

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